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Visibility Transportation Collaboration Platform

GreenPlan powered by GreenSys is a collaborative transportation management platform that eliminates manual administration, integrates with TMS to enhance collaboration and frees up valuable time for your operations.


​GreenSys Platform

Everything you need for transportation visibility and transparency.


Shipment lifecycle management

Dispatcher-friendly platform consolidates everything in one place, from managing loads and drivers to accessing essential shipment status and documents.


Real-time track & trace

Keep stakeholders up-to-date on the status of shipment with GreenPlan's web-app and driver mobile app by real-time tracking. This helps to minimize the need for phone calls.


Electric document storage

Promptly submit delivery documents, consolidating documents in a single location to prevent misplacement while increases customer satisfaction.

User Benefits
Key Features

Order planning & dispatching

Digitize to maximize team productivity

GreenPlan is here to streamline your planning and dispatching orders processes, simplify workflows and reduce errors. Say goodbyes to endless phone calls, group messaging and spreadsheets.

​Traditional Operation Process
With ​GreenSys Platform

Real time track & trace

Accessing real-time shipment data, not recorded data.

Our visibility transportation platform allows users to monitor shipments location and status. With up-to-the-minute updates, our platform helps improve overall efficiency, which can positively impact your business.

​Traditional Operation Process
With ​GreenSys Platform

Electronic proof of delivery​

Go paperless with full
audit trails

GreenPlan allow you to securely store and easily access to all of your shipment documents and data in one place, eliminating the need for lengthy paper-based processes. 

​Traditional Operation Process
With ​GreenSys Platform

Optimal collaboration perfomance

gps (1).png

Integrated GPS


​Driver mobile app


​Customer support


Agile transport management

Real-time track & trace

Driver management

Centralized dashboard

Collaboration application

E-document management

Enabling shippers, carriers, and drivers to book, assign, and track shipments in real-time with GreenPlan. Shippers can manage more deliveries in a shorter timeframe, while carriers can improve the efficiency of their services. Additionally, drivers can reduce the time they spend reporting back-and-forth. 

Image by Dylan Ferreira
"I've been in the trucking industry for over a decade, and I have to say that GreenPlan is a game-changer. The order planning and dispatching process is so much more efficient now, and I no longer have to spend hours on the phone or filling out spreadsheets. The user-friendly interface is easy to navigate, and I can manage my deliveries on the go from my smartphone. GreenPlan has helped me save time and money, and I wouldn't go back to the old way of doing things."

Mr. Loc, Reliable Carrier

Become a pioneer with GreenPlan

Simplifying your transportation management with transformative power of GreenSys platform. Goodbye to time-consuming methods and embrace the future of logistics. Let us help you take your business to the next level with our cutting-edge technology and industry-leading expertise.

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Agile transport management

Real-time track & trace 

Driver management

Centralized dashboard

Collaboration application

E-Document management

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